Sunday, January 9, 2011

Change is good...

To me the prospect of faster and more prolific change (especially out here in Asia) is what gets me out of bed (albeit late) in the morning.

A nice bit from Fareed's GPS a couple of weeks back where, a frankly relieved looking, Tony Blair reflected on the change he inflicted on the British population.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm not a burn your bra liberal, but....

If I'm getting this spot right - and I've seen it a lot as it's running non stop on Star Cricket channel during the ashes debacle - then i'm Neil appalled from Holland Village!

The story seems to be about a series of indian men who are rushing to get to work and are apparently running late. Towards the end of the spot we realize that their job is to be human light bulbs for their masters because of the teeth whitening effect of Happydent chewing gum... Sometimes they're illuminating the tennis court with their dazzling teeth, sometimes their heads are the headlights on their bosses cars and sometimes they are simply part of the human chandelier that their bosses use to light their dinner time.

REALLY? Thats here we are in 2011? That's how India wants to present itself (albeit via a chewing gum brand) on Asia-wide TV?

Shame. Or am I being way too sensitive?