Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My podcast of the month

Marc Maron - podcast

I'm embarrassed to say I'm not yet a mad men convert.

However, I listened to the marc maron podcast (of which I'm a huge fan) today and he had some interesting insights as to why it was a hit - or at least what it is that sparks with people.

1. The glamour/atmosphere
2. The fact that it's on the cusp of a new time in America - social norms genius-ly expressed, but beginning to blow open
3. The true/honest depiction of the (ad) work environment - "Seeing how the sausage is made"

Pervasive brands

I was in Seoul last week and spotted this shop. I snapped it because it seemed so odd that Samsung would have a clothes shop. Then you think about the pervasive nature of other brands in other countries and it's not so strange.

Connected'ish is this amusing (as usual) snippet from the onion. And yes, I am aware that Yamaha is not a Korean company.


I CANNOT speak highly enough about a new podcast I've been listening to.

It's not pretty, but it is incredibly insightful. Funny. And a wonderful way to realize and let go of your angst - should you have an excess amount as I do.

It's inspired me to have a go - a go at a podcast, not at passers by! Any takers?

A thought for channel planners?

How could a brand feed a consumer's public, private and secret life?

Esp. interesting for communications brands? Nokia, telcos, google?

Apologies it's the wrong way round....

Comms. by committee

What? Global communications gone mad! Didn't someone read this before it went out and go "will anyone have any idea what we're talking about".

Google street view

This is my first google street view guy sighting. It was just off Arab street in Singapore. The guy looked kind of cool and was extremely branded. Something of a celebrity; with people as anxious to take pictures of him as he was to steal pictures of us!