Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Twelve Months A Thief

Once this whole ordeal is over, and I'm free to tell all, I'll entertain you with the real story of what's been going on with our little private equity dabble for the last year or so. It involves any number of authorities, legal bodies, law enforcement and much much more. I've given my first police statement, spoken to a senior advisor to the Prince of Wales, I've frozen bank accounts and generally been a massive dog with a bone. I thought, mainly for my own edification and entertainment, I'd write a few things I have learned in the hope that it helps people not fall into the same trap that me and Adrey did.

1. No matter what, get it in writing.
2. Use a lawyer EARLY; it's a whole lot cheaper than using one LATE!
3. In the words of President Reagan "Trust, but verify"
4. Don't be distracted by the shiny object; treat all things with equal skepticism
5. Never underestimate people or what they're capable of
6. As my Dad used to say "Never a borrower nor a lender be"
7. It's as old as time, but seriously, don't go into business with friends
8. Blood is thicker than water, but it turns out that money is a whole lot thicker!
9. Time does not really heal, it just numbs the pain!
10. Life really is uncertain and can change in the blink of an eye
11. Get a good accountant and a good lawyer
13. Befriend a powerful mason
14. In the attempted words of George W Bush "Fool me once, shame on ... shame on you. Fool me... You can't get fooled again!"
15. Revenge is a dish best served by a legal representative of the court!