Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Spikes finally SCAM free for the first year. D.O. would be proud.

Absolutely NO sign of scam at the Spikes this year with print finalists from some of the region's most respected and high profile clients, such as
- FRIENDS OF NATURE, Shanghai - Anti-disposable chopstick campaign
- TOUCH CYBER WELLNESS, Singapore - campaign to make people Cyber-better I presume!
- MR ZHAO PESTICIDES, Shanghai - some of China's finest pesticides!
- 3M's PET HAIR ROLLER, Shanghai - an innovative first, targeting animals directly through print
- TAIWAN UFOLOGY SOCIETY, Shanghai - they are trying to use advertising to make contact with extra-terrestrial life I'm guessing
- WORLD SURPRISE TRAVEL AGENCY, Thailand - I'm hoping the surprise is that there is no surprise!
- And awards perennial and huge advertiser PENGUIN BOOKS is back again with a big campaign for its audio books in China. 
- THE INDIAN DEBATING UNION, Shanghai - apparently the pitch for this took 2yrs as they couldn't decide which agency they liked best.
And my favorite
- FRIENDS OF THE ASIAN ELEPHANT, Thailand - a campaign giving a big FU to the African Elephant I presume!
Good to see the stationary/writing implement category is booming with campaigns from all the big boys
- A.W. FABER-CASTELL, Hong Kong. 
Clearly the wooden writing & highlighter implement market in HK is very competitive these days.
And, of course, the Guinness ad that ran once in IS magazine, because Singapore's a small country and you only really need to run an ad once as a result.
Well done to our industry for punching ourselves in the balls once again!