Sunday, August 21, 2011

Advertising Scam - the tabloid journalism of our trade...

Think about it.

Tabloid journalism is barely journalism as scam is barely advertising

Tabloid journalism lacks integrity as does scam advertising

Tabloid journalism is clearly filled with dirtly little secrets (not that little) as is the fact that our
industry wastes so much time and money on scam

Tabloid journalism turned a blind eye to questionable practices in the same way that many in our industry turns a blind eye to Scam.

Tabloid journalism serves little public interest as scam serves almost no 'client-interest'

Tabloid journalism's value is essentially tittilation as is Scam's

Tabloid journalism operates on the fringe of the law in the same way that a lot of scam lives on the fringes of the unspoken rules of our business.

Tabloid journalism hides behind the skirts of investigative journalism as Scam hides behind the skirt of the real business of advertising communications.

I think it's time we took on this issue properly as an industry because it's a racket we don't need.

The money wasted on chasing awards with fake work is incredible. The entry charges, the statuettes for all and sundry, the awards night tickets and expenses, not to mention the tens of thousands of man hours all add up to a monstrous number. Cut the Scam, save the money and re-invest it in building the talent you have at the agency with much needed training and support.

Credit to Ogilvy Ukraine for this anti Scam ad - now that should win an award...

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